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Here are articles and sites to help you have the loving companion and pet that you want and to stop bad behavior.
Aggressive Behavior

Find out how to prevent, eliminate, and stop aggressive behavior by your dog.

  "Aggressive Dog - Dog Aggressive Training: Understand & Eliminate Your Dog's Aggressive Behavior"
  "Dog Behavior Training - How You Can Prevent Your Dog From Aggression ..."

Alpha Dog

The alpha dog is the leader. Learn why and how you become the alpha dog.

  "Alpha Dog - How To Become Top Dog - A Dog Owners Guide to Sanity"


Dog barking can be a real irritant. Learn how to stop or control excessive barking.

  "Barking Dog Collar - How Can I Stop My Dog's Incessant Barking?"
  "Stop Dog Barking - How to Stop Your Dogs Excessive Barking"
  "Barking Dog - What To Do - Barking Problems: Train Your Dog To Stop Barking!"
  "Barking Dog Problem? - The Top 3 Canine Behavior Problems and How to Solve Them - Part 1"

Basic Dog Training

If you are just starting to train your dog or puppy, you need to learn basic dog training.

  "Behavior Dog Training - Time-Tested Tips On Behavior Dog Training For Beginners"
  "Dog Training Basics - Teaching Your Dog the Basics"
  "Dog Training Command - Dog Training Part V: The Command Voice"
  "Dog Behavior - Great Relationships: Understanding Dog Behavior"
  "How To Train A Dog - The Basics of Training Your Dog"
  "Dog Training Basics - Dog Training - Where to Begin?"
  "Basic Dog Training - Dog Training 101. Or Should That Be Owner Training 101...?"
  "Basic Dog Training - The Other Ways To Reward And Keep Your Dog Motivated Other Than Food And How To Keep Your Dog To Stay Focus"
  "Basic Dog Obedience Training - How To Make Your Dog Obey You!"
  "Obedience Dog Training - Basic Dog Training"


Dog biting can be a real problem. Learn how to stop it.

  "Training Puppy Not To Bite - Why Your Puppy Nips - And 5 Ways To Get Him To Stop"
  "Dog Bite Prevention - How To Stop Your Dog From Biting"
  "Dog Bite Behavior Problem? - The Top 3 Canine Behavior Problems and How to Solve Them - Part 2"
  "Puppy Biting - The Intelligent Way To Eliminate Your Puppy Biting Behaviors"
  "Biting - How To Eliminate Your Puppy's Love Of Nipping"


Chewing by a dog can be harmful and damaging to property. Here are some ways to stop it.

  "Stop Dog From Chewing - How do I stop my dog from chewing things?"
  "Stop Dog Chewing - The Value of the "Conditioned Response Principle" in Dog Training (to Stop Dog Chewing)"
  "Dog Chewing - How To Train Your Dog Not To Chew"
  "Dog Chewing - You Should Teach Your Puppy Proper Chewing Behavior"

Collar & Leash

Find out how to train a dog or puppy to accept a collar and leash.

  "Leash Training A Puppy - Dog Training - Does Your Puppy Do This? (Pulling and Tugging at the Leash)"
  "Dog Training - Leash/Collar Training And Reward Training"

Crate Training

Crate training is one of the basic ways to train a dog. Learn how to use a crate in dog training.

  "How To Crate Train A Puppy - 14 Tips for Crate Training Your New Puppy"
  "Crate Training A Puppy - Crate Training Is A Kindness"
  "Crate Training A Dog - Crate Training Tips: How to Crate Train Your Dog"
  "Dog Training Made Easy With Crate Training - Crate Training For Your Puppy"


A dog digging holes damages property, but it can also be harmful. Find out how to control or stop it.

  "Stop Dog Digging - The Value of the "Conditioned Response Principle" in Dog Training (to Stop Dog Digging)"
  "How To Stop A Dog From Digging"

Dog Health

A big part of owning a dog is making sure that your dog has good health.

  "Dog Care and Dog Health - Dog Care Fundamentals"
  "Taking Care Of Your Do So You Will Have A Healthy Dog"


Dog grooming is part of taking care of your dog.

  "Dog Grooming - Yes, Your Dog Will Be Happier If You Use These Dog Grooming Tips"

House Breaking & House Training (also see Potty Training)

Perhaps the most sought after type of dog training is house breaking and house training.

  "Dog Housebreak - How to Housebreak Your Dog or Puppy"
  "How To Housebreak A Puppy - Puppy Training - Housebreaking Your Puppy"
  "Puppy House Training Tip - House Training Your New Puppy"
  "How To Housebreak A Puppy - Housebreaking Is An Absolute"
  "How To Housebreak A Puppy - Tips For Easy Housebreaking Your Puppy"
  "Housebreaking - How To Train Your Dog In Housebreaking"
  "House Training & Housebreaking - House Training Dogs Successfully"
  "Dog House Training - How To House Train Your Dog Effectively"
Insurance For Dogs

Most people do not think about it, but dog insurance can be helpful.

  "Dog Insurance - What's The Real Deal On Pet Insurance?"


Dog jumping can be irritating and a dog jumping on someone can actually hurt the person.

  "Stop Dog Jumping - Dog Training - Does Your Puppy Do This? (Jump On People)"
  "Dog Jumping Behavior Problem? - The Top 3 Canine Behavior Problems and How to Solve Them - Part 3"
  "Dog Jumping - Does Your Dog Have An Irritating Jumping Habit?"


Dog licking can be an annoyance.

  "Stop Dog Licking - Dog Training: How To Lick Your Dogs Incessant Licking Habit!"

Nutrition & Treats

Dog treats are helpful in dog training and you want them to be nutritional.

  "Dog Treats - Guideline For Choosing Dog Treats"
  "Dog Training With Treats - What You Should Know About Using Food As Reward Training For Your Dog And Calling Your Dog To Come"

Older Dogs

Older dogs may have unique problems and may need unique solutions.

  "House Training Older Dog - Housebreaking an Older Dog"

Potty Training (also see House Breaking & House Training)

Like house breaking and house training, potty training is top priority in dog training.

  "Potty Training Puppy - Puppy Basics: Potty-Training"
  "How To Potty Train A Puppy - Potty Training Your Dog"
  "Dog Toilet Training - Toilet Training for Dogs - Tips from Animal Behaviorists"
  "Paper Training A Dog - Learn The Procedures Of Paper Training Your Dog For A Healthier And Cleaner Environment"
  "Dog Toilet Training - What You Should Know About Crate Training ..."
  "Potty Training A Puppy"

Puppies (also see specific types of behavior)

Puppies need training. Find out how to train your puppy.

  "Basic Puppy Training - How To Train Your Puppy The Right Way: Introducing Your Puppy To Your Home And Family"
  "Puppy Training Tip - Puppy Training Tips for the First Week"
  "How To Train A Puppy - Puppy Basics: Reprimanding"
  "Puppy Training Tip - Repetition And Rewards In Puppy Training"
  "Solve Puppy Behavior Problems - How You Can Prevent Your Puppy From Jumping On People, Tugging The Leash And Roaming Around Dangerously"
  "Puppy Training - Puppy Training Basics: Potty Training, Reprimanding, and Rewards..."
  "Housebreaking A Puppy"
  "Puppy House Training - Paper Training A Puppy Without Ruining Your Floor, Staining Your Carpet, And Pulling Out Your Hair!"
  "Puppy House Training - Dos And Don'ts"

Reward Training

A big part of dog training is rewarding your dog for good behavior.

  "How To Train A Puppy - Puppy Basics: Rewards"
  "Basic Dog Training - Reward & Reprimand - Dog Training: When To Reprimand And When To Reward"

Toys for Dogs

Dog toys help with dog training.

  "Dog Toy - A Dogs First Toy"

Training Aids

Training aids can help in dog training.

  "Dog Training Aids - Use Clicks"

Training Tips

If you are training your dog, you may want to know some training tips that make dog training easier and quicker.

  "Dog Tip Training - The Number 1 Dog Tip For Training"
  "Dog Training Tip - Dog Training Tips that Work!"
  "The 18 Don'ts Of Dog Training - Achieving Dog Training Success With The 18 Don'ts"
  "Dog Behavior Problems - Tips for Solving Dog Behavior Problems: Ditch the Tantrums"
  "Dog Training Tips - A Guide to Successful Obedience Training"
  "Dog House Training Tips - Simple Solutions With Dealing And Overcoming Dog House Training Issues - Ignore This And Your Dog Would Dirty And Soil"
  "How To Solve Puppy Behavior Problems - Tips On Eliminating Your Puppy's Bad Behavior Of Whining, Excessive Barking And Chewing"

Travel With Dogs

There are a lot of things to consider when you travel with dogs.

  "Dog Travel - Things To Know Before Traveling With Your Pet"
  "Flying With A Dog"
  "Travel With A Dog - Tips For Traveling With Rover"


Dog tricks can be fun.

Walking Dog

Walking a dog can be fun or it can be an aggravation when the dog wants to go his own way.

  "Leash Training A Dog - Here's How You Can Stop Your Dog From Pulling On The Leash During Walks"
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